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Grandmentors Review: Final Report


Review of Grandmentors programme

Over the summer of 2017, PERU completed a review of the Grandmentors programme for Volunteering Matters.


Has the Chancellor lost an opportunity to have a budget for youth?

PERU’s Gary Pollock, Professor of Sociology at Manchester Metropolitan University and an expert on youth transitions from childhood to adulthood comments on today’s budget.  Read in full at MetroPolis and MMU News and Events.


European Cohort Development Project (ECDP)

The European Cohort Development Project (ECDP) is a Design Study which will create the specification and business case for a European Research Infrastructure that will provide, over the next 25 years, comparative longitudinal survey data on child…


Understanding Youth Participation Across Europe

▶ Draws on a high profile, large scale European research project which covered over 14 countries ▶ Offers a unique methodological approach ▶ Challenges the methodological assumption that survey research shows the big picture but at the cost of local…

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