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Covid-19 in prisons in England and Wales

Responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, the British Journal of Community Justice has published it first commentary on institutional responses to the crisis. In his new paper Christopher Kay has reviewed the implementation of policies designed to limit the…


Launch event of EuroCohort: Growing Up in Europe

Today, at an event in Brussels we will make the case for the new Growing Up in Europe Survey as developed by The European Cohort Development Project (ECDP) and show how insights from Growing Up in Europe will support better policy-making and impact on…


Roundtable on EuroCohort at Department for Education

Today members of PERU are leading a roundtable session at the Department for Education updating on the latest developments in the EuroCohort project. EuroCohort is a Design Study which will create the specification and business case for a European…


MiCreate Conference in Barcelona: ‘Migrant children’s integration and education in Europe: Approaches, methodologies and policies’

The consortium of the European project MiCREATE will host a symposium, on 24 and 25 October 2019 to explore: Policies for the integration of migrant children and youth in educational systems; Educational practices to foster migrant children…


EuroCohort article in Research Matters now open access

Professor Gary Pollock's article on EuroCohort: Europe's first birth cohort survey is now available to download for free. The article appeared in a recent edition of Research Matters, published by the Social Research Association. In the same edition…

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