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Co-creation of Public Service Innovation

This paper draws together ideas about co-creation, social innovation, social investment and individual and collective values that underpin the CoSIE project and shows the relationship between these concepts and how they can support innovation in…


Innovation and Social Investment Programs in Europe

There is a lack of empirical research around sub‐national Social Investment programs, and a lack of connectivity with social innovation. This paper addresses these gaps by drawing on twenty individual case study evaluations, conducted across ten EU…


Book Launch of Payment by Results and Social Impact Bonds: Outcome-based Payment Systems

A new book, Payment by Results and Social Impact Bonds, jointly authored by experts from Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Southern California and Nonprofit Finance evaluates what’s known to date about the effectiveness…


Innovative Social Investment: Strengthening communities in Europe (InnOSI) Final Conference

Today some of the PERU team are in Brussels leading the closing conference for the InnOSI project. A short video describing the project and its main aims is available to watch. Speakers at today's conference include PERU's Prof. Sue Baines,…


Reviewing the evidence base for Payment by Results and Social Impact Bonds in the UK

Chris Fox presented a paper based on a structured review of emprical evaluations of 32 Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) and 35 Payment by Results (PbR) programmes implemented in the UK since 2010 at a conference on Progressing the debate on Social Impact…

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