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The role of social innovation in criminal justice reform and the risk posed by proposed reforms

The UK government has called for a rehabilitation revolution in England and Wales and put its faith in market testing. It hopes this will lead to greater innovation, resulting in reductions in re-offending while also driving down costs. However, many…


Alcohol Interventions in Prison – Brief Interventions, Screening, Recovery

Featuring: Kieran Lynch, Criminal Justice Programme Manager, Public Health England   Brief alcohol interventions have a large and robust evidence base for reducing alcohol use in risky drinkers, particularly in primary care settings. However,…


PERU Briefing 14/02: Social Innovation in the Criminal Justice System

: In this briefing we highlight the importance of social innovation in the criminal justice system and ask whether reforms to the criminal justice system taking place as part of the Transforming Rehabilitation policy shift will encourage or deter social…


Social innovation, an answer to contemporary societal challenges?

Social innovation discourses see in social challenges opportunities to make societies more sustainable and cohesive through inclusive practices, coproduction and pro-active grassroots initiatives. In this paper we are concerned first that the concept…

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