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US podcast features PERU staff's book on Payment by Results and Social Impact Bonds

The most recent edition of the Bedrosian Center podcast features a recently published book on Payment by Results and Social Impact Bonds authored by staff at PERU in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Southern Caifornia Sol…


Innovation and Social Investment Programs in Europe

There is a lack of empirical research around sub‐national Social Investment programs, and a lack of connectivity with social innovation. This paper addresses these gaps by drawing on twenty individual case study evaluations, conducted across ten EU…


Manchester event, 6th Nov: Academy for Social Justice Evening Seminar

Complex commissioning for complex needs using partnerships, individuals assets and lived experience to build fulfilling lives. This free seminar will examine what makes a good hate crime reporting service and introduces the first 'third-party reporting…


Events and seminars to mark launch of new book on Social Impact Bonds and Payment by Results

To mark the launch of their book on Payment by Results and Social Impact Bonds: Outcome-based Payment Systems in the UK and US the authors are taking part in a number of events and seminars in the UK and Europe. Kevin Albertson, Chris Fox and Chris…


Co-Creation and Co-Production in the United Kingdom - A Rapid Evidence Assessment - March 2018

This Rapid Evidence Assessment sought to arrive at an updated synthesis of the co-creation and co-production evidence base in the United Kingdom. Taking as our starting point the work of Voorberg et al. (2014), we set out to identify evaluations of policies,…

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