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Kids Rule OK ! Webinar: Tips and Pitfalls of engaging with children in evaluations

In this on-line seminar, hosted by the UK Evaluation Society PERU's Dr. Jessica Ozan asks how do we make sure that children’s voices are heard in evaluation? Is it possible to give them an active role? Is it really necessary? Does it work in…


Sharing our research with Indonesia

PERU staff are reaching out to our colleagues in Indonesia. Last week PERU’s Stephen Morris presented by live webinar to students and staff at the University of Indonesia. Hosted jointly by PERU’s Kevin Wong and Dr Iqrak Sulhin, Head of the…


The ethical challenges of evidence-based policy research

This chapter in an edited collection on research ethics in criminology examines the concept of evidence-based policy (EBP) and the ethical challenges it poses are explored.  First a ‘standard’ model of EBP is outlined and implicit assumptions…

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