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Could Personalisation Reduce Reoffending?

Professor Chris Fox together with Alex Fox (Chief Executive of SharedLivesPlus) and Caroline Marsh (Director of Caroline Marsh Management Solutions Ltd) publish their article on "Could Personalisation Reduce Reoffending? Reflections on Potential…


Could Personalisation Reduce Reoffending?

Rising prison numbers and high rates of re-offending illustrate the need for criminal justice reform. In the social care sector, the ‘personalisation revolution’ has resulted in the near eradication of long-term, institutional care for the…


Evaluation of London Probation Trust Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme (IDAP)

PERU is undertaking an evaluation that includes an impact evaluation, economic evaluation and in-depth research with women whose (ex) partners go through the IDAP programme.


Developing an offender problem profile

Community Safety Partnerships have a new statutory duty to reduce re-offending. A key stage in developing a strategy to do this is to understand the problem. The development of Offender Problem Profiles will be an important part of the process. This article,…


An evaluation of the effect of housing provision on re-offending

Purpose Established in 2007, Vision Housing is a small London-based specialist housing provider working primarily with ex-offenders. This study seeks to evaluate the impact of Vision Housing's provision of housing and support on re-offending rates.…

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