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Developing a voluntary sector model for engaging people with convictions

PERU’s Kevin Wong is proposing a distinctive model for the voluntary sector to engage with people with convictions built on: reciprocity, reliability, consistency and emotional pleasure. He has elaborated these ideas in a new blog for russellwebster.com.…


The effectiveness of probation supervision towards reducing reoffending

In response to the lack of universal agreement about ‘What Works’ in probation supervision (Trotter, 2013) we undertook a Rapid Evidence Assessment of the empirical literature. Our analysis of research into the effect of probation supervision…


British Journal of Community Justice Volume 6 Number 3


Evaluation of The Greater Manchester Women’s Support Alliance

The Greater Manchester Women’s Support Alliance was created to provide support services to women involved in the Criminal Justice System and those at risk of offending across the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester. The Alliance emphasises prevention,…


Prison Learning Alliance Conference coming to Manchester Metropolitan University in September 2018

PERU is delighted to announce that the Prison Learning Alliance conference is coming to Manchester Metropolitan University in the Autumn. With support and funding from the Department of Sociology and Metropolis, the PLA will be holding its conference…

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