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Early testing and formative evaluation of the Enablers of Change assessment and sentence planning tool for adults with convictions

The Enablers of Change assessment and sentence planning tool has been designed to assess the risks, needs, strengths and protective factors of adults with convictions. Developed by Interserve, a Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) provider in England,…


PERU launch Reducing Reoffending website

PERU will today launch the Reducing Reoffending website, at a Ministry of Justice 'Insights 19' seminar being hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University. The website is a repository of evidence about interventions designed to reduce reoffending…


Identity psychology in probation: Implications for working with personality disorder

PERU is proud to support the Academy for Social Justice Commissioning evening seminars in the North West. This seminar features Shadd Maruna, Professor of Criminology at Queen's University, Belfast and Emma Cluley, Managing Editor…


Developing a voluntary sector model for engaging people with convictions

PERU’s Kevin Wong is proposing a distinctive model for the voluntary sector to engage with people with convictions built on: reciprocity, reliability, consistency and emotional pleasure. He has elaborated these ideas in a new blog for russellwebster.com.…


The effectiveness of probation supervision towards reducing reoffending

In response to the lack of universal agreement about ‘What Works’ in probation supervision (Trotter, 2013) we undertook a Rapid Evidence Assessment of the empirical literature. Our analysis of research into the effect of probation supervision…

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