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What Makes for Effective Youth Mentoring Programmes

There is a large body of research, policy and comment on youth mentoring schemes. Despite this, there is very little evidence on whether such programmes work and, if they do, what makes them effective. This rapid review of the literature explores the…


Rapid Evidence Assessment on caseloads and workloads in probation services

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Probation has commissioned a rapid evidence assessment (REA) into probation caseloads.


Rapid Evidence Assessment to assess the effectiveness of remote supervision and new technologies in managing probation service users

HM Inspectorate of Probation commissioned us to undertake a Rapid Evidence Assessment of the effectiveness of remote supervision approaches and emerging technologies to manage and rehabilitate probation service users.


Launch of new website on What Works in Reducing Reoffending

PERU, partnership with Interserve today launched a new Reducing Reoffending website. It provides an on-line and open access repository of evidence relating to interventions which are designed to reduce reoffending.  The PERU team have developed…


A Rapid Evidence Assessment of the effectiveness of prison education

This is a Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) of educational programmes delivered within prison. Included in this review are evaluations of vocational, academic, basic skills, accredited and unaccredited educational provision in prison where recidivism and/or…

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