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Reforming the State After Covid: PERU's Chris O'Leary speaking at Adam Smith Institute webinar

Chris O'Leary joins The Rt Hon David Davis MP, Douglas Carswell who is a former MP and the co-director of the Good Governance Project and Matthew Lesh who is the Head of Research at the Adam Smith Institute for a panel discussing reforming…


Radical reforms to local authorities have gone unnoticed and unchallenged: Chris O'Leary writes in The Conversation

In an article in The Conversation PERU's Chris O'Leary argues that reforms to the way local authorities are funded are probably the most radical – and least discussed – changes made by the coalition and conservative governments since…


New podcast on personalisation

Staff from PERU feature in a new podcast on personalisation.  In this episode, put together by RAH! (Research in Arts and Humanities) focuses on personalisation in the transformation of public services, with some really interesting research with…


Co-creation of Service Innovations in Europe (CoSIE)

PERU is working with a consortium of 24 partners across Europe on a three-year innovation project Co-creation of Service Innovations in Europe (CoSIE). The vision of CoSIE is to be a catalyst in a new era in the development of public services.  Led…

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