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Kirstine Szifris talks at Columbia University, New York about researching philosophy education in prisons

Kirstine Szifris will today give a talk at the Heyman Centre for Humanities, Columbia University, New York. Her talk will focus on her work researching philosophy education in prisons discussing how educational programmes might encourage personal development.…


Manchester CRIME and JUSTICE Film Festival - PERU's Kevin Wong on BBC Radio Manchester

PERU’s Kevin Wong will appear on BBC Radio Manchester today to talk about The Manchester CRIME and JUSTICE Film Festival.  This month-long FREE festival brings together crime fiction to illuminate crime fact. During May 2019 criminologists…


Kirstine Szifris leads seminar on Philosophy Education in Prisons at Prison Research Centre, Cambridge

PERU’s Kirstine Szifris has been invited back to the Prison Research Centre, Cambridge University to lead a seminar today on Philosophy Education in Prisons. She previously completed her PhD at the Institute of Criminology under the supervision…


Offender to Entrepreneur: Sharing best practice from the USA in enabling individuals to develop a crime free future

Learn how innovative programs in the US tackle recidivism by enabling men and women to develop their entrepreneurial skills and mindset to become better individuals, employees, business owners and employers of the future.   In this free seminar David…


New article by PERU's Kirstine Szifris - When Boredom Becomes Stagnation: The Importance of Occupying the Mind

PERU’s Kirstine Szifris has had an article on boredom published by a leading philosophy magazine, How the Light Gets In. She discusses the importance of occupying the mind, drawing on prison sociology to discuss the effects of stagnation. Kirstine…

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