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New podcast on personalisation

Staff from PERU feature in a new podcast on personalisation.  In this episode, put together by RAH! (Research in Arts and Humanities) focuses on personalisation in the transformation of public services, with some really interesting research with…


Chris Fox undertaking Chancellor's Fellowship with Think Local, Act Personal (TLAP)

PERU's Chris Fox is undertaking a Chancellor's Fellowship with Think Local, Act Personal (TLAP). The Chancellor's Fellowship programme is organised and funded by Metropolis and provides opportunities for academics at Manchester Met to undertake…


Co-Creation and Co-Production in the United Kingdom - A Rapid Evidence Assessment - March 2018

This Rapid Evidence Assessment sought to arrive at an updated synthesis of the co-creation and co-production evidence base in the United Kingdom. Taking as our starting point the work of Voorberg et al. (2014), we set out to identify evaluations of policies,…


Personalisation, co-creation and asset-based approaches: building the evidence base

What is personalisation? Most simply, personalisation means that public services respond to the needs of people. This is in contrast to standardised services. It's a response to the end of the age of deference, increasing choice in consumer goods…


Piloting different approaches to personalised offender management in the English CJS

Various approaches to personalisation are well-established in the UK social care sector and are now starting to ‘travel’ to other sectors. In this paper we report findings from an evaluation of a pilot to test elements of personalisation in…

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