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Policy failure or f***up:

Since 2009, homelessness has been on the rise, with growing evidence that welfare reforms are a key driver of this increase. However, does this mean that welfare reform has failed? In this paper, we use policy failure as a lens through which to critically…


Benefit changes drive increase in homelessness from rented housing

New resarch by the Policy Evauation and Research Unit, commissioned by the Residentail Landlords Association, is released today. It finds that changes to the benefit system are behind the decade-long increase in homelessness from private rented housing.…


Homelessness and the Private Rented Sector

Homelessness has a devastating effect on those who experience it and is costly to the public purse. Homelessness acceptances have been increasing since 2009, with the most significant growth being from the private rented sector. The number of such households…


Homelessness from the private rented sector

What is driving homelessness from the private rented sector, and what are the policy and practice implications of this? Find out at the launch of new research on homelessness from the private rented sector, which was commissioned by the Residential Landlords'…

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