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Kids Rule OK ! Webinar: Tips and Pitfalls of engaging with children in evaluations

In this on-line seminar, hosted by the UK Evaluation Society PERU's Dr. Jessica Ozan asks how do we make sure that children’s voices are heard in evaluation? Is it possible to give them an active role? Is it really necessary? Does it work in…


Evaluation Research - The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Criminology

Evaluation is the application of research methods in order to make judgments about policies, programs, or interventions with the aim of either determining or improving their effectiveness, and/or informing decisions about their future. Different types…


Why Evaluate? Lunchtime Conference Programme: Widening Participation, Evaluation and COVID 19

PERU's Chris Fox is speaking at Villiers Park Educational Trust's virtual ‘lunchtime’ conference programme on evaluation in the Higher Education widening participation agenda. It will bring together anyone with an interest in how evaluation…


Training on counterfactual impact evaluation at the European institute for Public Administration

Stephen Morris is part of a team delivering a course on Capacity Building in Impact Evaluation: Counterfactual and Theory-Based Approaches at the European institute for Public Administration in Barcelona. The course attendees are drawn from Managing…


If reoffending is not the only outcome, what are the alternatives?

Probation provision is complex, with a range of providers dealing with diverse service users and performing differing functions. In consequence, a range of outcome measures are required which can: (i) be tailored to the type of provision, making them…

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