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If reoffending is not the only outcome what are the alternatives?

In a new paper published by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Probation, PERU’s Kevin Wong argues that probation provision is complex, delivered by a wide range of providers dealing with diverse service users and performing differing functions.…


Evaluating the effectiveness of the SEND Review process on raising attainment in English, and secondary outcomes.

This is an evaluation of the effectiveness of the SEND Review process on raising attainment in English at GCSE. The evaluation will also measure the effect of the process on pupil wellbeing, attendance and exclusions. The evaluation is funded by…


PERU to evaluate three Young Endowment Fund projects

PERU is pleased to announce that it is working with the Youth Endowment Fund to evaluate 3 of the twenty two projects for which funding is announced today. PERU’s Kevin Wong and Steve Morris working alongside Paul Gray from the Manchester Centre…


Does it work: the challenges of designing robust impact evaluations

PERU’s Stephen Morris and Kevin Wong are hosting and leading a learning workshop today for Greater Manchester policy makers, commissioners and service providers.  They will be examining the challenges in designing and undertaking robust impact…


Evaluation of RESCALED (Detention Houses)

The RESCALED programme is a movement for small scale detention that aims at fundamentally and sustainably reforming the prison systems in 5 European countries, so that restoration becomes valued over punishment. The RESCALED programme promotes…

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