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The Marketisation of Rehabilitation: Some Economic Considerations

This paper considers criminal justice policy in English and Wales since the Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) agenda implemented in 2013. TR rested on the proposition that probation services are best provided in a market context. Motivated by profit and…


Hate globalisation? Try localism, not nationalism: Kevin Albertson in The Conversation

In an article in the The Conversation Kevin Albertson looks at reactions to globalisation and argues that while nationalism is often the response to globalisation, localism would be far better for us all. That might take the form of devolution deals for…


Innovative Social Investment: Strengthening communities in Europe (InnOSI) Final Conference

Today some of the PERU team are in Brussels leading the closing conference for the InnOSI project. A short video describing the project and its main aims is available to watch. Speakers at today's conference include PERU's Prof. Sue Baines,…


Manchester as Cosmopolis: Global Migration in a Changing UK

Kevin Albertson spoke at this one day event on the theme “Globalisation, Nationalism and Devolution”.  His general conclusion is that the process of globalisation is beneficial for a national economy, however there is unambiguous evidence…


The Economic Inefficiency of Student Fees and Loans

In this report, published by the Intergenerational Foundation, Kevin argues that the benefits of a young person getting a higher education qualification in England accrue in the ratio 58% to the nation and 42% to the graduate. It follows, for economic…

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