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Globalisation and sticky prices: ‘con’ or conundrum

With reference to a case study which illustrates the existence of segmented markets and international price discrimination, this paper develops a theoretical model of comparative advantage in which domestic prices may be sticky. We show, when domestic…


Effective de-commissioning: the flip-side of effective commissioning

Part of the Academy for Justice Commissioning evening seminar series, hosted by PERU Speaker: Chris O’Leary (Researcher at the Centre for Public Policy and Health, Durham University) Service commissioners regularly de-commission services. Sometimes…


Rethinking the Economics of Crime and Justice

Rethinking the Economics of Crime and Justice: The interaction between social and criminal justice ethos and practice Following the publication of the ninth ICCJ monograph Justice, with Reason: Rethinking the Economics of Crime and Justice by…


Innovative Social Investment: Strengthening communities in Europe (InnoSI)

PERU is leading a large pan-European research project on Social Investment policies funded by the European Commission.  


ICCJ Monograph No 9: Justice, with Reason: Rethinking the Economics of Crime and Justice

Economic ideas and concepts have always influenced thinking about crime and criminal justice. Increasingly, however, criminologists, policy-makers and practitioners who draw on, or seek to critique, economic ideas take a rather narrow view of economics…

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