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Kevin Albertson speaks at the Pro-Manchester Economics Conference

On the 21st of October, Prof. Albertson spoke at the 2016 Pro-Manchester Economics Conference, on the theme of the potential for Chinese investment in Manchester and UK investment in China. He argued that, as the UK's involvement with Europe declines,…


Kevin Albertson made Professor of Economics

Kevin Albertson, one of the founder members of PERU and currently leading a strand of work on our Innovative Social Investment (INNOSI) project has been made Professor of Economics at Manchester Metropolitan University.  Kevin is an eclectic economist…


PERU leads Child and Youth Wellbeing Policy Forum at European Commission

Members of PERU lead the FP7 Child and Youth Wellbeing (MYWEB) Policy Forum at the European Commission attended by represntatives of a number of DGs. The MYWEB project has explored the feasbility of a pan-European longitudinal survey of…


Is a capitalist democracy possible?

In a piece on the Conversation blog site Dr Kevin Albertson asks “Is a capitalist democracy possible?”. Kevin suggests the world seems caught between the competing political ideologies of left and right, with capitalism caught right in the…


The UK's EU Referendum: Understanding the Key Facts & Debate

Dr Kevin Albertson spoke at The UK's EU Referendum: Understanding the Key Facts & Debate on the 19th May 2016. (http://mmueureferendum.eventbrite.co.uk) Kevin spoke on the theme of EUconomics or UKonomics. Although he declined to be drawn…

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