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Developing a voluntary sector model for engaging people with convictions

PERU’s Kevin Wong is proposing a distinctive model for the voluntary sector to engage with people with convictions built on: reciprocity, reliability, consistency and emotional pleasure. He has elaborated these ideas in a new blog for russellwebster.com.…


The Marketisation of Rehabilitation: Some Economic Considerations

This paper considers criminal justice policy in English and Wales since the Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) agenda implemented in 2013. TR rested on the proposition that probation services are best provided in a market context. Motivated by profit and…


Offender to Entrepreneur: Sharing best practice from the USA in enabling individuals to develop a crime free future

Learn how innovative programs in the US tackle recidivism by enabling men and women to develop their entrepreneurial skills and mindset to become better individuals, employees, business owners and employers of the future.   In this free seminar David…


New article by PERU's Kirstine Szifris - When Boredom Becomes Stagnation: The Importance of Occupying the Mind

PERU’s Kirstine Szifris has had an article on boredom published by a leading philosophy magazine, How the Light Gets In. She discusses the importance of occupying the mind, drawing on prison sociology to discuss the effects of stagnation. Kirstine…

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