‘OpenSource data’ will be re-used, analysed and visualised in ways to support local/national policy makers to make informed decisions and to empower the community/Citizens (Big Society).

Initially we will focus on Crime and Criminal Justice datasets, as the first strand of a wider project. This will be extended into other policy areas.

The first stage within this project is to develop a basic open access web-service, with a range of visualisation techniques.

A Virtual Advisory panel will be established to provide direction and credibility to this work. A Feasibility study will be conducted to develop an evidence base and options for a further work. A basic open access web-service will be established, with a range of visualisation techniques, the site and a regular blog illustrating the process and key learning will be used to raise visibility of the project and further develop the reputation of the Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (PERU). This will provide a platform for further development, with the long term aim of developing a ‘National Data Analytics Centre.’