T2A Final Process Evaluation Report


Kevin Wong, Rachel Kinsella, Jessica Bamonte, Linda Meadows


The T2A Pathway initiative, 6 projects led by charities in partnership with statutory services, delivered services to 16-25 year olds across sites in England between 2014-2017. The projects worked with young adults at the point of arrest, pre-court, in prison and on release. Each project had a specialist focus, such as family engagement, mental health treatment and drug abuse.

The projects worked with 414 young people over three years:

  • On average the young adults had four ‘criminogenic needs’ (factors that directly contributed to criminal behaviour);
  • Three quarters already had criminal records;
  • 30% were young women, most of whom had experienced abuse, rape or domestic violence;
  • 15% were of ethnicities other than white British

The report found that the T2A Pathway projects:

  • Offered a flexible, intensive, relationship-based intervention to young people with highly complex and urgent needs;
  • Were particularly effective from the start where they had multi-agency support and referral arrangements that had been jointly designed;
  • Helped to change the culture of statutory partners, successfully embedding a young adult focus into mainstream practice;
  • Influenced national policy (such as the House of Commons Justice Select Committee’s inquiry on Young Adult Offenders).

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