Co-Creation and Co-Production in the United Kingdom - A Rapid Evidence Assessment - March 2018


Chris Fox, Andrew Smith, Peter Traynor, Jordan Harrison


This Rapid Evidence Assessment sought to arrive at an updated synthesis of the co-creation and co-production evidence base in the United Kingdom. Taking as our starting point the work of Voorberg et al. (2014), we set out to identify evaluations of policies, programs, interventions and services which were wholly based on, or incorporated principles of co-creation and co-production. We were particularly keen to review a range of non peer-reviewed material, which might reflect the burgeoning practitioner literature which represents the spread of co-creation and co-production across a range of sectors in United Kingdom. Before commencing our review we had assumed that much of the evaluative literature would be based on qualitative and case studies methodologies, this assumption being based on our understanding of the field and the conclusions of Voorberg et al. (2014). Therefore we were particularly keen to understand the methodologies employed in the UK context, and the claims being made of co-creation and co-production.


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