Crime and Economics: An Introduction

Publication date: Tuesday 04 October 2011

Crime and Economics provides the first comprehensive and accessible text to address the economics of crime within the study of crime and criminology. The economics of crime is an area of growing activity…

Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis

Publication date: Monday 23 May 2011

The recent global increase in the abuse of 4'-methylmethcathinone and related compounds has developed a requirement for full chemical characterisation of these products. In this work we present full…

Justice Reinvestment: Can it Deliver More for Less?

Publication date: Wednesday 12 January 2011

Recent years have seen high levels of public spending on criminal justice but to relatively little effect. Prison numbers have risen sharply and public confidence in the criminal justice system remains…

Developing an offender problem profile

Publication date: Tuesday 31 August 2010

Community Safety Partnerships have a new statutory duty to reduce re-offending. A key stage in developing a strategy to do this is to understand the problem. The development of Offender Problem Profiles…

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