Payment by results and social impact bonds

Publication date: Tuesday 24 April 2018

As public services budgets are cut, the ‘Payment by Results’ (or Pay for Success) model has become a popular choice in public sector commissioning. Social Impact Bonds are a variant of Payment…

Understanding Youth Participation Across Europe

Publication date: Sunday 05 November 2017

▶ Draws on a high profile, large scale European research project which covered over 14 countries ▶ Offers a unique methodological approach ▶ Challenges the methodological assumption that survey research…

T2A Final Process Evaluation Report

Publication date: Friday 20 October 2017

The T2A Pathway initiative, 6 projects led by charities in partnership with statutory services, delivered services to 16-25 year olds across sites in England between 2014-2017. The projects worked with…

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