Social Impact Bonds 2.0?

Publication date: Monday 14 December 2020

This briefing paper draws together ideas about the next generation of Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) that will be better placed to deliver more innovative approaches and act as positive disruptors in local…

In-work progression

Publication date: Monday 23 November 2020

This paper sets out the response of researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) call for evidence and good practice on in-work progression. The…

Policy failure or f***up:

Publication date: Wednesday 18 November 2020

Since 2009, homelessness has been on the rise, with growing evidence that welfare reforms are a key driver of this increase. However, does this mean that welfare reform has failed? In this paper, we use…

Staying Close evaluation

Publication date: Monday 02 November 2020

The Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme (CSCIP) was launched in 2014 to test and share effective ways of supporting vulnerable children and young people who need help from children’s…

Where Next for Co-creating Public Services?

Publication date: Friday 02 October 2020

Many models of innovation involve co-creation, which implies that people who use (or potentially use) public services work with providers to initiate, design, deliver and evaluate them (Voorberg et al.…

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