Review of Grandmentors programme

Over the summer of 2017, PERU completed a review of the Grandmentors programme for Volunteering Matters.

What is the need?

The Grandmentors (GM) programme delivers intergenerational mentoring programmes for young people transitioning from care. The programme involves a mentor, who will typically be aged 50 years or over and a mentee who will typically be aged 17-24. The programme recruits older volunteers aged 50 and over to use their life experience and skills so as to provide emotional and practical support to young people transitioning from the care system to independent living. Established in 2009, the Grandmentors programme was jointly developed by Volunteering Matters and the Jecda Foundation. In June 2017, Volunteering Matters commissioned the Policy Evaluation and Research Unit at Manchester Metropolitan University to undertake a review of the Grandmentors programme. The review was funded by Nesta and DCMS as part of the Second Half Fund and was completed between June and September 2017 by Dr Chris O’Leary, Dr Jessica Ozan, and Andrew Bradbury.

What are we doing?

The review had two aims. First, to hone the design of the Grandmentors operating model, assessing its benefits and limitations, in order to ensure alignment with current and potential commissioner priorities. Secondly, the review aimed to lay the groundwork for national expansion of the programme, ensuring growth at an effective and impactful pace. This expansion is a fundamental part of the five-year vision for the Grandmentors programme; to support care leavers to successful transition, providing support to over 2,900 young people leaving care across 20 local authorities in England. To do this, we undertook a Rapid Evidence Assessment of the extant empirical evidence around intergenerational mentoring programmes. We also completed thirty seven interviews with mentors, mentees, local authority commissioners, Volunteering Matters staff and other stakeholders. Finally, we facilitated the co-production of implications and recommendations, working with Volunteering Matters.

What will be the outcomes?

The final report can be found in the document or at the link included on this page.

What are the timescales?

The project was completed between June and September 2017.

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