Rail Incident Manager (Funded by the Technology Strategy Board)

What is the need?

Improved levels of customer satisfaction & operational safety are two of the most prolific challenges facing the UK’s rail industry.  The lack of information & its timely communication in particular remain universal themes in passenger satisfaction surveys.  Much can be attributed to the mechanisms for the recording & reporting of incident & quality information by rail personnel, with no current system allowing for the capture of information from mobile devices limiting the ability to supply real time information.

What are we doing?

The project consortium aims to develop a novel Rail Incident Management technology, based around 2 applications for use in mobile devices.  PERU is undertaking a programme of preliminary research with rail users and staff in order to better understand and define user requirements for the apps that will be developed in subsequent phases of the project.

What will be the outcomes?

The first application will be designed as an interface for the passenger, enabling them to report any issues associated with the railway network as well as a means of receiving automatic updates re their journey.  The second application will be designed for rail staff to record & report any service/safety critical/quality issues in real time.

What are the timescales?

The project starts in February 2014.

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