Reforming the State After Covid: PERU’s Chris O’Leary speaking at Adam Smith Institute webinar

Friday 26 June 2020

Chris O'Leary joins The Rt Hon David Davis MP, Douglas Carswell who is a former MP and the co-director of the Good Governance Project and Matthew Lesh who is the Head of Research at the Adam Smith Institute for a panel discussing reforming the State after Covid. 

The Adam Smith Institute write that "The British bureaucracy is supposed to operate with the abilities of a brand new Rolls Royce. The Covid-19 crisis, however, has shown it is like a rusty old Soviet Trabant. At almost every turn, from Public Health England’s failure to ramp up testing early in the crisis to Whitehall’s struggles procuring and personal protective equipment, the bureaucracy has failed the biggest challenge of our lifetime. In contrast, the Asian tigers like Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, or even Germany, Austria, Israel and Australia, have excelled. The UK is now facing the highest Covid-19 death toll in Europe, and among the highest in the world. This raises serious questions about the advice provided by the bureaucracy and the extent of preparedness for pandemics. More broadly, it points to fundamental flaws in Britain's highly centralised systems of public administration." This webinar is an opportunity for exploration of these issues.

The webinar takes place at 6pm on Tuesday 30th June, 2020 and a free place can be booked here.

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