PERU team members submit evidence to the Defence Committee inquiry into Global Islamist Terrorism

Friday 20 July 2018

A submission authored by PERU's Gavin Bailey, Phil Edwards and Kevin Wong has been published by the Defence Committee inquiry into Global Islamist Terrorism. Their paper argued that Islamist terrorism is not an existential threat to the UK.  Reaction, and over-reaction in particular, can generate further conflict; the UK should continue to view military intervention as a last resort.  Other approaches, especially those that stop small conflicts getting bigger, and aim to help individuals and society resolve or accommodate differences without violence, are preferable. Further, a universal approach to citizen education in the UK, promotion of fairness and a corresponding ‘playing by the rules’ can make the UK a beacon of justice worldwide. Finally, it is important to recognise that Islamist terrorism is not a monolithic and alien object, but is complex and messy, and shares similar aetiologies, and so also preventative factors, to other social problems.

Further details of the submission and the inquiry can be found here:

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