PERU hosts successful Prisoner Learning Academic Network seminar

Tuesday 12 November 2019

Last week PERU were pleased to host the second in a series of seminars for the Prisoner Learning Academic Network. PERU’s Dr Kirstine Szifris (vice-Chair) is collaborating with Dr Morwenna Bennallick, University of Westminster to host a series of networking events to encourage conversation between research, practice and policy. At this event, over 50 participants attended with academic, practitioners, policy makers and providers brought together and given opportunity to discuss current issues in prison education.  Participants heard from Rt. Hon. Sir Simon Hughes who encouraged participants to engage more with local and regional policy makers to ensure prison education remains part of the agenda, particularly with the coming election. Professor Gabrielle Ivinson provided an important context to our understanding of pedagogy, emphasising the need to ensure education finds ways to allow learners to express themselves in different mediums. Alongside the main speakers, there was also a panel discussion with Sally Garratt, Head of Operations at Novus and Annabel Thody, English Teacher at HMP/YOI Feltham who considered the challenges of putting pedagogy and research into practice.


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