Manchester as Cosmopolis: Global Migration in a Changing UK

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Kevin Albertson spoke at this one day event on the theme “Globalisation, Nationalism and Devolution”.  His general conclusion is that the process of globalisation is beneficial for a national economy, however there is unambiguous evidence that globalisation is not necessarily beneficial for all members of that economy.

European populations’ increasing demands of nationalism from their governments are seen as a desire for protection from the negative consequences of globalisation. Far better to share the benefits of the global economy; history indicates that political-economic systems which work only for the benefit of a privileged minority are ultimately unsustainable.

Kevin argued devolution might provide a means of reintroducing social justice into the globalisation debate – but that this will require focus on communities, place and ownership, not just broadly defined “economic” growth. It will also require resources.


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