Kevin Albertson writes in the Metro

Thursday 26 September 2013

Kevin has had a number of letters published in the Metro Newspaper over the last twelve months;


… on employment rights Metro 11th October 2012 (p.14)

… on the link between poverty and employment Metro 18th October 2012 (p.15)

… on social justice and crime Metro 23rd October 2012 (p.14)

… on neo-liberalism and tax avoidance Metro 14th November 2012 (p.14)

… on inequality and recession Metro 15th February 2013 (p.16)

… on the UK's credit rating, tax cuts and austerity Metro 26th February 2013 (p.14)

… on the effect of financial incentives on business ethics Metro 6th March 2013 (p.16)

… on the use and abuse of market power Metro 22nd March 2013 (p.16)

… on EU immigration and welfare benefits Metro 26th March 2013 (p.16)

… on whether ‘we are all Thatcherites’ Metro 19th April 2013 (p.15)

… on half a million ‘on the breadline’ and democratic values Metro 31st May 2013 (p.14)

… on plugging the ‘pensions black hole’ with shale gas Metro 22nd July 2013 (p.16)

… on unsustainable debt and sustainable growth Metro 5th August 2013 (p.14)

… on energy company profits and the supposed benefits of privatisation Metro 12th August 2013 (p.14)

… on the supposed creation of 1·25 million private sector jobs Metro 13th August 2013 (p.14)

… on the proposed HS2 rail link Metro 12th September 2013 (p.17)

… on regulating utilities prices through public competition Metro 27th September 2013 (p.16)



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