Kids Rule OK ! Webinar: Tips and Pitfalls of engaging with children in evaluations

Jul 09

Venue: Zoom organised by the UK Evaluation Society

Thu 9 July 2020

In this on-line seminar, hosted by the UK Evaluation Society PERU's Dr. Jessica Ozan asks how do we make sure that children’s voices are heard in evaluation? Is it possible to give them an active role? Is it really necessary? Does it work in any context? Increasingly, evaluators are looking for ways to meaningfully engage children in their work. There are many approaches to involve children, ranging from research participants to peer-researchers, but also there is a real danger that their participation is tokenistic. In this webinar, we will consider the advantages and limitations of various forms of participation (consultation, collaboration, child-led), talk about ethics, provide some practical tips and tools, and share a few ‘not so glorious’ anecdotes of when things did not go so well.


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