We also undertake policy analysis and advise policy-makers on the development of new policy. Running through all of our work is a commitment to what is sometimes referred to as ‘evidence-based policy’, although, as an applied research unit used to working in the politically charged world of criminal justice policy and practice we prefer the more pragmatic term ‘evidence-informed policy’.

Currently areas of our work in crime and criminal justice include:

  • Criminal justice commissioning. We are providing analytical support to commissioners and providers developing Payment by Results offers. We also have an ongoing work stream analysing the broader policy of market testing.
  • Reducing re-offending. We regularly undertake evaluations of prison and community-based reducing re-offending programmes. We also use our knowledge of the evidence and theory on what works in reducing re-offending to work with a range of organisations to develop new reducing re-offending projects.
  • Gangs. Our team includes leading researchers on gangs and we undertake research on gangs and evaluate gang initiatives.
  • Crime trends. We collect and analyse a wide range of data on crime and the causes of crime to produce regular briefings on current and future crime trends.
  • Legal highs. We are undertaking research on the use of legal highs in Manchester nightclubs.