Shoba Arun

Senior Lecturer
Shoba Arun


Shoba Arun is Senior Lecturer in Sociology. Her roles includes research development, and international lead in collaboration with internal and external teams She has substantial research experience on comparative and international socio-economic contexts, particularly on social and gender inequalities. She has managed and participated in projects on social inequality in a range of socio-economic contexts (with DFID, The Nuffield Foundation etc).

Shoba is involved with a number of international projects in India, such as Start Up India, Global Girlhood; and Gender Capital and Development in Global India.


Before joining MMU in 2002, Shoba worked as Lecturer in International Development at the UNESCO Centre for Social Inclusion and Citizenship and the EU Funded Women’s Opportunities Unit at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland. She has collaborated in projects on ICTs and Social Enterprises for Women in Asian and African Contexts, as well managing projects on Multiple Exclusions in India. 


Shoba has a substantial track record of research and publication on gender and social inequalities, work and the labour market and migration, and serves on the Editorial Board of the Work, Employment and Society Journal.

Research Interests

  • Development Evaluation and Social Well being
  • Gender inequalities in work, entrepreneurship and livelihoods
  • Asset and Capital Building Frameworks
  • Migration and Labour Market

Research Activity

  • Start Up India and Gender Capital in the Indian State of Bihar (Metropolis Chancellor’s Fellowship with the Chandragupt Institute for Management Patna, Bihar, India 2018-18 )
  • Young Girls Transition into Work in Urban India (Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai, India, 2018)
  • Global Girlhood and Gender Capital in India (case studies for four Indian States, 2016-2019)
  • ICT Based Enterprises and Women’s Livelihoods in Kerala (Kudumbashree, Kerala, India, 2005-2007)
  • Multiple Exclusions and Gendered Well being in Kerala (2004-6)


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  • Shazhadi, A., Smithson, H., McHugh, R., and Arun, S. (2017). ‘Society does treat me differently and that is a shame’: understandings and feelings of Britishness amongst visibly observant young Muslims. Journal of Youth Studies, 1-13.
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