Phil Edwards

Phil Edwards


Phil is an associate member of PERU. He is currently working on evaluating community based safeguarding schemes for young people and practitioners.


Phil has worked at Manchester Metropolitan University since 2010. He is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology, with a teaching and research focus on counter-terrorism, alternatives to criminal justice and the management of disorderly behaviour. Phil joined PERU in 2017.

Phil completed his PhD at the University of Salford in 2005, analysing the interactions between protest movements and mainstream political parties in Italy in the 1970s. Phil did his first degree at the University of Cambridge (English), after which he worked in commercial IT for several years. He took his Master’s (Politics and Contemporary History) at the University of Salford as a mature student, and subsequently worked as a journalist (both employed and freelance). Between 2004 and 2010 he worked at the University of Manchester, initially as a researcher on drugs policy and then as an associate lecturer in the School of Law.


  • Social movements
  • Extremism and political violence
  • Counter-extremism and community cohesion
  • Restorative justice and alternatives to prosecution

Research Interests

Phil is currently pursuing a programme of research activity under the broad heading of “Citizenship in a time of terror”; it is concerned with the interaction between the liberal rule of law, the citizen considered as law’s autonomous subject, and the threat of extremism and terrorism which may justify coercive, preventive and extra-legal measures. Current Home Office-funded research observes and assesses counter-extremist training in schools, resituating it within the overall framework of citizenship education.

Research Activity


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