Jordan Harrison

Senior Research Assistant
Jordan Harrison


Jordan first joined PERU as a research assistant, during which time he was involved in the completion of numerous Rapid Evidence Assessment projects focusing on criminal justice, social care and public sector innovation. Since then, Jordan has progressed to becoming a Senior Research Assistant, whose main role is to provide the design, planning, implementation and research support to the Co-creation of Service Innovations in Europe (CoSIE) project. CoSIE aims to inspire the beginning of a new era in the co-creation of public services by achieving sustainable and strategic change. In addition, Jordan is providing support to Horizon2020 funded project, the European Cohort Development Project (EDCP) to create the specification and business case for a European Research Infrastructure that will provide, over the next 25 years, comparative longitudinal survey data on child and young adult well-being.


Jordan graduated in 2016 from Manchester Metropolitan University. Alongside his degree he worked in the voluntary sector for criminal justice partners with the aim of transforming the lives of others and reducing offending. Before joining PERU, Jordan worked for Interserve Justice, the largest provider of Community Rehabiltation Companies, where he was at the forefront of the implementation and refinement of Personalisation, an innovative approach to offender management in the English Criminal Justice system. This work represented a key component of the transformation of the public sector within the criminal justice sphere.

Research Interests

  • Evaluation of Complex Programmes
  • Programme Design
  • Offender Rehabilitation
  • Probation
  • Evaluation Methodology
  • Public Sector Reform
  • Drug Policy

Research Activity


  • Fox, C.; Harrison, J.; Marsh, C.; Smith, A. (2017). Personalisation in the criminal justice system: An evaluation of Person-centred practice Pilots. Manchester Metropolitan University. View publication »
  • Fox, C., Harrison, J., Marsh, C., & Smith, A. (2018). Piloting different approaches to personalised offender management in the English criminal justice system. International Review of Sociology, 1–27.

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