Dr Robert Grimm

Visiting Fellow
Dr Robert Grimm


Dr Robert Grimm is Associate Director, IPSOS MORI Germany


Short Biography

Robert studied history and sociology at the University of Potsdam in Germany and received a BA from a UK University in 1999. Between 1999 and 2000, Robert studied French Studies in Paris. He graduated with an MA in European Urban Cultures in 2001 after having completed a joint post-graduate programme investigating European urban issues in universities in Brussels, Tilburg in The Netherlands, Manchester and Helsinki. Robert received a PhD for his analysis of the Mediterranean port city Marseille and its role in trans-Mediterranean migration and trade flows


Research Interests

Robert’s research interests include

Robert is an advisory member of the Kirklees support group for the development of the European Reference Framework for Sustainable Cities, 2010 – present.

  • European urban regeneration and the role of soft infrastructures for economic development
  • The impact of global, socio-economic volatility on local lives and people’s coping strategies
  • Translational migrant networks and interethnic relations

Research Activity

Current projects

‘Memory, Youth, Political Legacy And Civic Engagement’ (a collaborative trans-European research project, MMU lead Dr Gary Pollock) 2011 – present.

Jean Monnet European Module ‘Urban Cultures and European Integration’ (€ 107.000 EU co-financed €21.000 Lead Dr Robert Grimm with Dr Katie Milestone & Dr John Scanlan). 2009-present.

Past projects

Principal Investigator: ‘Three Urban Regeneration Strategies for Dewsbury: improving youth services, interventions in public space and revalorising vacant real estate’. (£ 2800 Kirklees Council) 2010.

Principal Investigator: ‘Space Bank – alternative strategies for vacant town centre real estate development in Dewsbury’ – contribution to the Dewsbury Master Plan 2010.

‘Comeback Strategies of Former Textile Cities: Huddersfield – Manchester a comparative study’. (with Dr Katie Milestone –  € 10.000 funded by the Municipality of Tilburg) 2009.

‘Brazilian Migrants in Manchester’. (Lead Dr Paul Kennedy) 2008.

‘Young European Professionals in Manchester’. (Lead Dr Paul Kennedy) 2006-2007.

‘Teaching Race in German Higher Education’. (Lead Dr Susie Jacobs) 2006.

‘The Impact of Socio-Economic Change on Small-Town Biographies in Brandenburg Germany’ (University of Potsdam) 1997.

PhD supervisory committee

 Monish Bhatia: Destitution and Exploitation: Asylum Seekers and English Law (University of Huddersfield) 2008 – 2009.

Benedicte Brahic: Negotiating transnational private spaces: questions of identity, culture and belonging: the case of European bi-national couples living in Manchester. 2008 – present.


Conference papers

2008 Cosmopolitan Pragmatism. Citizenship and Culture, Annual Conference of the Centre for Research on Socio Cultural Change. St Huges College, Oxford.

2008 Cosmopolitanism from below, inter-ethnic cooperation among transnational migrants from below. September 2008, Cultures and/of Globalisation Annual Conference of the Global Studies Association, Oxford Brooks University.

2007 ‘Inter-ethnic cooperation in the international informal economy’. Every Day Life in the Global City Conference. July 2007 Manchester Metropolitan University.

2006 ‘The importance of ‘weak ties’ revisited: network strategies of Algerian migrants in Marseilles’. Annual Postgraduate Conference of the Global Studies Association.

2004 ‘Inch’Allah Metaphor or Reality in the life of Algerian Migrants?’. The Global Studies Association Annual Conference; Warwick University August 2004.

2003 ‘Parallel Space Belsunce’. The European City in Transition 3rd Conference; Bauhaus University Weimar, November 2003.

2002 ‘The Experience of Violence among Algerian Migrants’. Bristol University.

2002 ‘Between Terror and Structural Violence; the Case of Algerian Migrants in Marseille / France’. The Global Studies Association Annual Conference; Roehampton University August 2002.


Key notes

2009 (October) Mancunian Transformations, the role of culture in Manchester’s regeneration. Kultur Sekretariat Nordrhein-Westfalen and Mönchengladbach Economic Development Agency, Transfer – Mönchengladbach / Germany.


Other talks

2010 (November) Space Bank, temporary use as a strategy for urban regeneration. Huddersfield Sustainable City Conference & URBACT LCFACIL Workshop.

2010 (September) Sustainable Development Strategy Review for Kirklees, URBACT LCFACIL Workshop, Bytomn / Poland.

2010 (July) Three Regeneration Strategies for Dewsbury: improving youth services, interventions in public space and revalorising vacant real estate. Dewsbury Master Plan Client Meeting.

2008 Laughing Out Loud, Political Humour and Resistance in the GDR – introducing ‘Das Leben der Anderen’. University of Huddersfield.


Conference and workshop organisation

Temporary Use, Alternative Strategies for Urban Regeneration. Workshop at the Sustainable City Conference. (Huddersfield, November 2010).

Globalisation Issues and Problems International Conference of the Global Studies Association (Manchester, June 2006).



Grimm, R. & Milestone, M. (2009) Manchester, Huddersfield: Place, Culture and Urban Change. In: van Boom, N. & Mommaas, H. (eds.) Transformation Strategies for Former Industrial Cities. NAi Publishers , Tilburg.

Grimm, R. & Milestond, M. (2009) Manchester, Huddersfield : Plaats, Cultuur en Stedelije Transformatie. In : van Boom, N. & Mommaas, H. (rds.) Verniewingsstrategieën voor de Industriestad. Nai Uitgevers, Amsterdam.

(2007) ‘Pedagogies of Teaching ‘Race’ in Germany’. In: Jacobs, S. (ed) Pedagogies of Teaching ‘Race’ in Higher Education; British and European Experiences. The Higher Education Academy Network, C-SAPT: Birmingham.

(2006) ‘Parallel Space Belsunce’ In: Eckardt, F. & Hassenpflug, D. (eds) The European City in Transition; The City and the Region. Europaeischer Verlag der Wissenschaften, Frankfurt am Main.

(2005) ‘Belsunce’. Kilometer Zero Magazine; Marseilles Edition. Kilometer Zero Issue 5, ISSN: 1629-3274.


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