Anton Roberts

Graduate Research Assistant
Anton Roberts


Anton is a postgraduate researcher here at the Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (PERU), working on a range of projects as required. Currently, he is responsible for the data collection aspects for the Youth Endowment Fund (YEF), working closely with their intervention programmes, and also assisting in the day to day running of the British Journal of Community Justice. As a researcher here at the PERU, he also contributes to systematic reviews, direct qualitative and quantitative data collection and evaluation, research bids from a variety of areas of social policy, such as criminal justice and mental health, as well as bespoke research projects from the private sector. 


Before taking the position here at the Policy Evaluation and Research Unit, Anton already had an established career within the education system at both primary and secondary level, as well as the care leavers sector. With experience in reaching especially hard to reach, vulnerable young people, ensuring that they achieved academically to the best of their ability. Before entering into academia at the university level, he already held a senior pastoral role, while also studying for his master’s degree at Liverpool University in mental health psychology. Currently, he is continuing his work with hard to reach groups while study for his PhD here at MMU – looking at the intersection of gender/hyper-masculinity and homelessness here in Manchester. 

Research Interests

  • Gender – specifically, how hyper-masculine ideologies are manifested in our behaviour and attitudes
  • Criminal Justice System – social policy implications, psychopathy and extremism 
  • Psychology - mental health, cognitive bias, moral development 
  • Participatory Research Methods
  • Social Network Analysis 
  • Marginalised/Vulnerable Communities 

Research Activity


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